July 23, 2008

Goodies in the mail!

So it's official!

In the beginning, everyone was a little bit suspicious. Roger Carr doubted the sincerity of the whole New York Experience, my parents doubted my ability to commit to such a lofty goal and often doubted the security of acting as a profession (what they didn't count on was my understanding of such a sad sad truth). In moments of self doubt I questioned my abilities as a young lad taking out a massive line of credit to pursue some hair-brained scheme.

Now, after months and months of planning, preparation, auditions and money earning the only person I need to convince is the big bad scary border guard. All my papers are in and accepted. My final payments (of $19,500) are due, and all I need to do now is pack, alert my landlord of my immediate arrival, and fly away. Packing is going to be the fun part: Giordana and I are toying with the idea of packing our entire lives into airplane luggage. Or at least enough of our lives to allow us to survive for a couple weeks before our folks can DHL the rest of our stuff to us.

At this point in the game, reality is biting me right in the ass. It kind of clicked recently that I may very well never be living at home with my parents again. And that, family and friends, is a scary thought.