June 09, 2008


It's the female half of the B.A.E (Big! Apple! Endeavour! I made an acronym!) here, just giving a small and insignificant update on our steady progress.

A week or so ago, we went to the main health clinic to get some forms filled out by a health practitioner, stating that we'd had immunization against mumps and measles and rubella. It turns out we'd only had a shot for mumps once, so unfortunately for the one with the intense needle phobia (that would be me), we were directed into a little room where wham bam thank you nursey health practitioner ma'am, we had our second shots for that. This whole moving-to-NY thing is turning out to be a lot bigger of a pain in the ass than I thought. You're not only taking my money, you're giving me shots? Seriously?

Anyway, I'm glad we're almost done. I've been out of commission for four or five days because of a very slow and painful (did I mention painful? PAINFUL.) recovery from getting my four wisdom teeth removed. Needless to say, Garry was there with me in the operating room pre and post surgery, and is still by my side feeding me yogurt and making me whipped cream for putting on my pudding.

It's getting to summer now (as you can tell by the ... rain ... and freezing weather ...) so we're basically on the last leg! Good luck to us!


How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Wow my dentist told me a few months ago I should get be getting my wisdom teeth soon. I'm definitely NOT looking forward to that!

I'm really glad you loved the pie! My dad just asked me today when I'm going to make it again! :)

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

So how's the b.a.e. going??