February 15, 2009

Welcome to.... The Island

There's something emotional about Coney Island's skeleton that I cannot understand. It's like walking through the set of Casablanca, long after Bogart and Bergman are dead. Perfect lighting, an abandoned boardwalk lined with splitting planks, the shrieks of seagulls, and the buzz of mumbled Russian all made the experience somewhat nostalgic even though I had never been there before. It was nice to be within walking distance of an ocean, even though it was the Atlantic, which, if you're a Pacific Ocean oriented person, you know just isn't the same: It's colder, younger, less forgiving. The pacific just seems like a party ocean; if you ever invited them both to a kegger, Atlantic would be alone staring into the fire while Pacific would be hollering alongside the Alice Cooper, but still reminding those really drunk partygoers (probably the Mediterranean sea) that they should probably slow down, drink some water and eat some food. Pacific is just such a chill guy.

School has kicked off the second term with a bang. I've been lucky enough to now be working under an acting instructor who has worked with all the old Group actors (Meisner, Strasberg, etc.) which was very obvious as we began to work with Meisner's method. It was nice to actually have something explained and to have it actually work in the class room. Not to say I'm not thankful for my first teacher's instruction during the first term, it's just that my current instructor is, honestly, a million times better.

As of the last couple weeks, around six of you have booked a "stay" at our modest little Brooklyn apartment. Chances are you only have till June to visit before my first stay in NY comes to a close, so if you have not made an effort to room with us and want to visit the City, now is your last chance -- HOWEVER! if you wish to stay with us, please PLEASE check with us first! We barely have room for one guest, we're not going to be able to double book.

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