March 25, 2008

Hits the Ground Running

I'm an aspiring actor.
A tragic, if not cliche opening statement but one which I feel is important. That's what high school can do, give you those pesky dreams and even a little hope. I crave the stage, and when anyone wishes to pursue a career in any given field training is usually a solid idea, if not a necessity. So I pointed my eyes towards an amazing little school in New York, which is what this little, free, and simple blog is for: keeping the friends and family of myself and my girlfriend updated at all our goings on in a great city while (hopefully) attending a great school.

Now I should, I guess, catch you up to speed with the situation. In 2006 I spent one week, alongside fellow students from my high school who where also quasi-interested in the dramatic arts, hopping from theater to theater and from landmark to landmark. I instantaneously fell in love. Several dirty water hotdogs and broadway shows later, I was forced against my will to return home. I began then to shift from cooking (which I thought I would pursue as a post secondary study area, and eventually profession) to acting, all in hopes of attending school in the City I love at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I met Giordana. Now, I won't bore you with trivialities, but she's perfect, blah blah blah, best girlfriend ever, blah blah blah. Long story short (and to keep it short so that I may not infringe on her own posts) she is accepted to the school at which I aspired to enroll. So now the pressure is on to myself be accepted. I have auditioned, and should find out in a matter of days now. Upon my acceptance, or refusal, we will kick into gear a series of cogs we have allready oiled and primed. Student Loans; Housing which is brutal in New York where houses are snapped off the market the day they become available; and booking our flights.

At this point I'm keeping the blog active to create a back story for the bulk of the blog: our actual stay in New York, ands the relationships we develop, experiences we have, and debt we compound, all whilst staying there. For now it will be updated when new events occur, but I imagine will eventually become more regular.

Hopefully this blog will keep all our friends and family in the loop while we party it up in NY

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