March 26, 2008

I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps!

This is Giordana, the other half of the big apple endeavour. Gar has pretty much explained the situation -- we're about to rocket forward into a life of severe debt and ramen for dinner every night, totally clueless but also completely in love. Which we are. We're in a lot of it. I mean, to rival Garry's eloquence, I'll just say that he's perfect, blah blah blah, best boyfriend ever, blah blah blah.

I thought I'd never get around to writing this, seeing as in the seemingly few hours that I am not working, I'm basically comatose, and unable to form sentences. I tend to faceplant into my pillow and not get up from that position for a very, very long time. Anyway, I work a lot for a good reason, and that is to make it to New York with less debt that I may have had if I hadn't taken a year off from school. That's what I'm doing, by the way. It's convenient seeing as Garry is one year my junior and still finishing up high school. I work two jobs (previously, three) as a barista -- the patience I thought I had crumbles in the chubby squinty-eyed faces of rude customers. Sometimes I love what I do, and other times, it pains me. I work six to seven days per week, and though my bank account grows with every paycheque, it's not going to grow enough to save me from a student loan. I know this because I meticulously calculate hours and dollars and taxes and budgets -- I double, triple, and quadruple check my figures every day. I like certainty -- something I recognize I am about the throw to the ravenous dog that is showbiz.

I love performing, obviously, and being accepted to the acting academy of my dreams was a good step in the right direction. The first and only time I went to New York was with my mother almost exactly one year ago. We saw broadway show after broadway show, and it cemented my longing to be up on stage. Every time Elpheba or Belle or Tracy Turnblad would belt a note out, I would be screaming inside, "I can do that too!!!". It may not ever matter, but I can. Just so you know. ;)

To sum things up, a certain dashing crooner once sang, "if I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere!"

And I agree.

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