April 24, 2008

"Yes, I would like some bubbly"

Flights are booked! Man! Things are very tangible now. We have our flights to NY, and back for Christmas Holiday. Booking our flights back to NY after the break, and then back home for summer break will be occurring later in the year, but for now we're leaving at eight in the morning on the thirtieth of September, connecting in Calgary (where we will be flying FIRST CLASS! BAM!) and then to NY NY.

As far as apartments go, we have an inside woman named Melissa, she runs a winery down in New York State, and she's given us the link to this awesome website that lets us set our dates for staying and it matches the criteria with the available houses etc. etc. We almost booked a place today, but some guy swept it out from our noses an hour before we contacted the landlords.

Yeah. Damn.

Well, as my friend River's always said: "Keep Fishin'"

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