April 30, 2008

Get ready for us, Brooklyn.

Congratulations to us! Not only has every single one of our flights been booked (including the flight back home for Christmas, that we all knew would happen), another small detail has also been taken care of:


This happened through a wonderful New Yorker acquaintance of my parents (mad connections through the wine industry, yo) that none of us have ever actually met in person. She got us in touch with a broker who quickly and efficiently sent us the heaps of paperwork that we needed to sign in order to access the pretty furnished apartment we'd seen online and wanted so badly. Well, I probably wanted it the most. The bedroom is painted yellow. I love yellow. ANYWAY, yesterday our broker (how grown up does that sound?!) confirmed that the landlord had approved our request for rental, and that it will be ours to live in for a glorious 8 months 17 days (the exact time we requested -- no longer, no shorter -- YAY).

So, as of October 1st 2008, we will be residents of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Garry is a happy boy, probably because we have a gas range and proper oven, and I am too, because of the aforementioned yellow room and the (drumroll please) bathtub! Bathtub = bubble baths, bubble baths = nirvana, the answer to all problems, and most likely world peace.

Anyway, now we're off to the bank to discuss opening up an American account. If I missed anything, I'm sure Blog Hog Garry will let you know!


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