May 13, 2008

It's all coming together.

So the lease is signed! Flights are booked! I have probably already told you this, but it can be said again. A more recent development is the financial one:

TD Canada trust saved our butts.

We were both unaware that by saving USD in our local credit union, we were actually being counter productive. In order to access it in America we would have had to transfer it back to Canadian, then back to American. How dumb is that? Anywho, long story short: I'm getting an American Dollar Visa from TD Canada trust and coupled with their awesome "Borderless US Savings account" (shameless plug) we can pay our USD Visa bill with USD. No exchange rates. Thank god for that. I also get a checkbook! Awesome eh? All that's left now is to apply for a massive student loan, and we're good to go. Then these posts will be less erratic as we will be living in a city with non-stop action and excitement.

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