September 06, 2008


With less than thirty days until departure, my anxiety is in full swing. And by anxiety I mean excitement and vice versa. I first wish to welcome any of those on councils which have helped me fund my "big apple endeavor." Secondly, I wish to convey to you the excitement that only a young man can feel, as he walks into a store of suits, and piece by piece builds what will surely be the clothing he wears when he eventually has the pleasure of working a period piece. Oh, and character shoes. It may be an acting thing, but when you walk around in some fancy ass Italian leather shoes, you feel like you could make the stage your bitch. That, and you can't wait to wear them at your first fancy party. But I digress from my original point: Our departure date is very, very close.

It is strange to know that this is my last month in my bed, and my last month of simple fun. I should also note that I am done working, after cooking for months at the local eatery. I was finally able to ditch the joint and am currently lounging around with my friends and family for my final month. You can almost be sure I will be at Giordana's place of work drinking coffee and surfing the internet, so if you do wish to find me you can do so there.

On another note, the boys will be happy to know I have found an Ultimate Frisbee drop in league in central park. So if anyone's up for a game to dust off the old cobwebs, I am more than ready.

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Mammamia said...

Are you there yet? Can't wait to ready your first post. Love, yer ma