October 02, 2008

We're here!

Well, it's about time we posted I guess. For the lot of you who have been pressuring us to make the announcement, I should remind you that it is difficult to find time to make a blog post when you're running around trying to put yourself together after moving to the entire opposite side of North America.

I should begin with the flight over. It was long, and while the flight from Calgary was first class, it did little to mask the fact that we were both leaving home for quite a while. The wine helped, I guess...

After arriving, our separation anxiety kicked into high gear. The rock hard mattress, cheap polyester sheets, and that one goddamn car alarm, all amounted to very very little sleep for us. The first day, however, saw a great discovery: Costco! Thanks to Google maps, we discovered one down the street and have since lugged at least a couple hundred pounds of memory foam mattress topper, down comforter, 25 lb. rice bags, and over a dozen boxes of pasta home. We're starting to think about bringing our luggage bags into the store to carry all our spoils back.

All in all, everything is great. Our landlady and fellow tenants are all Spanish. In fact, since we have arrived we have seen only two white people walk down our street. What this translates into is: the passionate shouting of fighting lovers at four in the morning, smashed T.V.'s on the street and ex-boyfriends moving out, screaming children, and coming home to a man playing Spanish guitar and singing on the doorstep.

The apartment is smaller than we thought, but we're making it ours. New post up soon, with some pictures of us around NY.

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