October 05, 2008


Today we dropped by our school again, this time to calculate how much time it would take to make it. The consensus was a good hour, and on our way we passed Madison park, which I might add is one of my new favorite places. The squirrels were so domesticated we had to move away from the trees to avoid having them jump us. I blame those damned tourists who feed them. My audition is scheduled for a couple days from now, so my nerves are a little raw. Which is probably what the scientologists we came across in Times Square were picking up on. I was much too busy, however, to stop and have my Thetan level tested. Instead a stop into the flagship Hershey's store and a multi-level McDonald's calmed my nerves and satiated my stomach.

I'm running out of ideas for meals. I always loved to cook, and its not as if I'm limited with my ingredients (we're finding more and more that Costco is a foodie enabler: I can buy so much for so little...) -- it's that I only really have so many tricks up my sleeve. I'm afraid we can only handle so much tuna fish spaghetti...

G and I walked over the Brooklyn bridge today, which was mind blowing for me as it was the return to a spot I visited four years earlier with a totally different crowd. Nostalgia inspired by a bridge and Brooklyn heights. Does it get much more dramatic than that?

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