October 04, 2008

Quick Update!

Giordana is a genius.

Time for you to live your NY dreams vicariously through us.

Call it a contest of sorts: you comment on the blog (either here or on facebook [and for records sake, please make sure the post is either here or on the facebook note]) and tell us what you've always wanted to do in NY. Whether it be run through Central Park, or Break Dance in GCS, just keep it legal and possible and Giordana or myself will do it. With photographic evidence of course!

So please send us your ideas! We're overwhelmed with possibilites here and we need some direction!


1 comment:

Marilyn said...

Okay ... I would like to visit the World Trade Centre site to see what has happened since I was there in March 2007. I also want a photo of an Ultimate Frisbee game in Central Park. I'd love to visit Brooklyn ... oops, you've done that ... and get someone to teach me some Spanish (haven't done that yet, have you?). How about break dancing at a Metro station?