October 25, 2008

Squirrels & PB&J

It's the female half of the blog here (for once)! First, I have to say that we got the best care package ever the other day, from my mom and sister. It had balsamic and travel mugs and candles and saffron and awesomeness, in it. So good, that I put the box on my head, apparently.

Things are starting to come together as far as school goes -- we have giant folders full of school rules and pamphlets on crime prevention and sexual harassment and such. We did our 'registration' which was just signing a form or two, and our big orientation is on Monday, which is when we find out which time block we'll be in! Aah! Tonight, we had a chance to meet a bunch of classmates at a sort of dinner party at one of their apartments on the East Side. We had chicken marinated in orange soda. Yes, like C+.

I have to tell you about Garry's near-death by squirrel. In Madison Square Park, the squirrels are very domesticated, and they are also apparently really hungry (but you're not supposed to feed them because it attracts rats, the sign says. Whatever). You can call them by clicking your tongue, and they jump out of trees and hop over the fence and get right at your feet, standing up tall and being all cute. Well, I guess one was pissed because we didn't give him food (or our wallets?) and so he scurried away, turned around and RAN FULL FORCE into Garry's leg. Then it left. So I guess it wasn't a near-death but it was really funny.

Check out the PB&J(ack-o-lantern) sandwich I made for Gar:

Pretty sweet. I get into the holiday spirit. Any holiday spirit.

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