October 22, 2008

The world went crazy on a summer's day in Central Park

It's finally cold in the City. It took long enough. After spending October in twenty plus degree heat (I'm still stuck in Celsius, by the way. Fahrenheit confuses me.) the ability to finally wear anything other than a t-shirt and shorts is a welcome event. Seeing as ninety percent of the clothes I packed were packed with my first trip to New York in mind...

We've both managed to get through our auditions successfully, and registration is tomorrow for me. G's (who is smiling in the photo to the left) is the day after, and following a few days later is our first day of school. It's all pretty exciting! We're getting kind of antsy to start learning. You can only kick around the city with no money for so long until you get bored. That and I am craving improv like a pregnant woman craving chocolate dipped deep fried pickles suspended in jello.

If I have learned one thing this month, it is that excel budget spreadsheet is god. Without having a firm outline and history of our moolah I probably would have blown it all on cupcakes and hotdogs by now. It also helps when you watch everyone on wall street sobbing on the side of the street.

Today I had to turn down another Obama pollster. So far in our experience we have found New York city to be grotesquely Democratic. To the extent that if Palin were walking down the street, she would be in severe danger of having a collision with an airborn tomato. The pollsters we love. We get to be one of the 36 percent of Americans who say "No, we will not be voting for Obama" however we do quickly follow up with "we would if we could though!" I don't exactly think I can get rotten fruit out of clothing yet.

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