October 29, 2008

What Time is it? AB TIME

Today was the first day of classes for both Giordana and I. In fact, we both scored the same section (or class unit)! Because of our good fortune we have the same schedule, so we can help each other out with assignments, choreography, etc.

Speaking of choreo, we had "movement" class first thing this morning, which included stretching and twisting our bodies into painful and irresponsible shapes. It also involved "ab time" and while I can't speak for Gio, I have never been in more pain. Our instructor has done his fair share of shows, including "A Chorus Line", and while he is incredibly funny and nice, It is very clear to me that this man means business. It was the first class and already we're working on choreography for Chicago. It is with a little shame that I can say it was the most fun I have had in awhile.

Following movement, we proceeded down to the fourth floor, and began working our voices. Voice and Speech seems to be the most intense of the subjects at the school. We're being taught two different speech methods while at the school: General American (an untraceable North American accent) and Good Speech (which is kind of a blend of British and American dialect). Of course, finding the textbook (written by Edith Skinner -- I kid you not) was an act in itself: G and I had to go all the way to Juilliard.

As I write this, I am tired as hell...but never have I been so excited.

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