November 09, 2008

Photo Update!

Greetings from Times Square in New York City! Gio and I have been bouncing around the city a little more than usual lately. We've been finding more and more that with our weekday mornings occupied by school, any second with which we can explore our new home is to be cherished. This Thursday we met up with a classmate and went to our second Broadway show of our endeavor. Going on a recommendation by another classmate, we purchased two front row student rush seats for twenty-seven dollars each, to Gypsy. Now you may be confused as to why such "prime" seats were so cheap, as was I, until I realized I could not see anything but a floating head when an actor moved more than two metres upstage, but hey, when Patti LuPone drifted downstage to address the audience and I could see the blood vessels in her eyes, I was a happy boy. The show itself was quite good (personally I found the first act somewhat shallow and boring, but the second act more than made up for it) and Miss LuPone's performance was incredible -- more than worth our meager fee.

Our first weekend after a full week of school was super lazy. Saturday was a 'sleep in till two forty five' day, as well as laundry day and bathroom scrub day. Sunday was a little more action packed: It included a trip to the Metropolitan Museum followed by a stroll through an autumn clad Central Park. I just had to explore the "Arms and Armour" wing of the maze-like museum and hooooooo daddy, did I ever feel badass.

There were rifles and swords and crossbows and samurai swords and Shields and spurs and armour and halberds and pikes and spears and bows and arrows and horse armour and old timey pistols and and and....

I was a kid in a candy store. What I would have given to don some of that armour and waltz around the museum while challenging the occasional black knight to a joust...

Afterward, a hot dog was bought from a vendor on our walk to the great lawn. Central Park is shedding its skin this time of year, and the weather was pleasantly brisk. Beyond the foliage, there was much to watch in the park. Father and son football passing seemed to be the theme of the day -- I could not help but understand the quintessential American dream.

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