November 22, 2008

"What's your favourite curse word?"


That's all I could possibly mutter after watching A FOUR hour spectacle of James Lipton and Josh Brolin on Inside the Actors Studio. It's definitely an experience for anyone who has ever had any sort of interest in the craft. If you don't watch the interviews when they make their way on the air, I really suggest that you do. If not for the intense interview questions regarding the craft of acting, or the spontaneous moments of hilarity, I suggest you watch this program at least for the famous 'favourite curse word' question. Let me tell you, having only witnessed one taping (though G and I will be going again on Monday to watch Mr. Lipton interview Conan O'Brien), it is definitely better to witness the uncensored version if at all possible. Watching Josh Brolin (of The Goonies, No Country for Old Men, and 'W') tell us that "fuckingshit" is much better when whispered, was a high point in my life.
Another high point, of course, was watching the alpaca pictured beside Giordana fight off a ewe, two goats, and some pigs in order to eat the fifty cents worth of feed in her hand.

We went to the Central park Zoo.

And I met Gus the Polar Bear.

My. Life. Rocks.

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