December 15, 2008

Cakes and Ale

Hola everyone! Things are going swell here on the east coast. As we approach Christmas, the collective focus of our class seems to diminish, but fear not, Gio and I are keeping up the good fight. Much in the same way as back in highschool, instructors seem to find some sick pleasure in cramming a bunch of tests right before Christmas break: Theatre History Midterm; Dance Performance; Vocal Performance. But we're ready.

On a more culinary note, I would like to inform any of you who think they have had an enjoyable burger in their life that you must quickly make a trip here. I have been touched by the holy god of Hamburger in Madison Square Park, and it was amazing. So if any of you want to eat the best burger on earth before you die, I know the place.

Now because I'm down with a semi-flu, and I've been studying most studiously for my mid-term tomorrow, I'm going to take an easy way out. While reading this list (which defines a college experience) I began to copy+paste those which I felt applied to Gio and I. Please Enjoy.

5. You know many different ways to cook ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese.

11. Your underwear/sock supply dictates your laundry schedule.

12. You check Facebook more than once a day.

18. Your primary news sources are the Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

21. Your trash is overflowing and your bank account isn’t.

23. You wear the same jeans for 13 days without washing them.

33. You see people you know you’ve met but can never remember their names or how you know them.

50. You have no idea where your tuition money is going… technology fees? I think not.

62. Care packages rank right up there with birthdays.

64. You meet the type of people you thought only existed in movies.

65. Printers break down only when you desperately need them.

78. Your teachers swear in class and no one cares.

80. You take condiment packets and napkins from fast food restaurants - hey, they’re free

83. You know what people carrying suspiciously heavy backpacks after dark are doing…

84. The elevators take forever but you’ll wait 10 minutes just so you don’t have to climb stairs.

95. There’s always a “question kid” in at least one of your classes, and you really wish someone would just tell him/her to shut the hell up.

98. You no longer find it uncool to take naps. In fact, you quite enjoy them.

107. You admire people’s alcohol bottle shrines. (There's a story here)

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post them on the blog, or otherwise contact me. I am not ashamed of what I've done.

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