January 04, 2009

After a Brief Hiatus

I took a bit of a break from posting on the NY blog during which I was at home (Canada home, a.k.a. home 1.0, a.k.a.  The Island, a.k.a. "Oh God I hate Duncan so much") visiting with relatives and generally having an awesome holiday season filled with snow, presents, and booze.  More so the first two than the final;  I am such an old man.     

Our initial return to the Island was, to say the very very least, an immeasurable hell filled with the screaming souls of the damned, who all sound very similar to inbred sugar buzzed redneck mullet sporting children caged within the ball pit at McDonalds.   I am sure some of you may be very aware of the big snow coloured dump the clouds took on the Vancouver area around the twenty-first of December -- Air Canada sure was, but let's not go there.

Christmas was a blast: I saw a lot of family -- both my own and Gio's.  She spoiled me for Christmas, I spoiled her, blah blah blah.  

New years eve was taken slowly: Giordana and I, without car, opted to stay home, drink wine, and watch movies.  Each of us has made our New Years resolution quite simple:  Hers is to take more photos, and my own personal resolution is to write more (possibly in this blog, possibly a play?)  Who knows?

At the moment we're both sitting in Vancouver International Airport.  Our original flight through Calgary was cancelled, so we had to take a flight to Vancouver instead (four hours later). Now, the new flight from YVR to JFK has been delayed by two whole friggin' hours.  This means we won't be getting home, a.k.a. Brooklyn, a.k.a. The Big Apple, a.k.a. My bed, until around two o'clock a.m. NY time.  Ouch.

Well, you can expect more pictures and more writing very soon.  I have a feeling we'll be able to keep those resolutions up (yeah, right).

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