January 04, 2009

"I don't know what in God's name is happening either"

Wow. Really, I cannot believe the ineptitude of one corporation. As you can see, Gio and I are both stuck in the Vancouver Travelodge, only after we refused to take a certain Air Canada employee's crap.

Now, don't get me wrong, not every air Canada employee is useless - in fact, most of the lower-down-the-rung employees are great - but the management is terrible. A certain manager tried to tell me that it was not Air Canada's responsibility to find me a hotel, when our flight was canceled. Only after a friendly fellow traveling Aussie let me in on the truth did I manage to get accommodations. It turns out that bitchy management lady just assumed that all of us were from Vancouver and not in the middle of a connecting flight. Gio seems to think she had more vicious motives. Whether she was in fact cheating people out of their entitled lodgings or just stupid, she was still a big heaping pile of mean poo.

Even after getting a hotel, Air Canada does not allow its agents to rebook your flight for you. Instead, they are instructed to give you a little card with a telephone number on it, and you have to rebook the flight yourself. So this went to prove my theory that the higher up the ladder you go in Air Canada, the more shitty you become. Giordana is now on the phone with Marilyn about flights and things aren't sounding too good at all. I hate Air Canada.

Dear AC:

You are a dirty little hooker.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi, there. This is Giordana, and I edit all of Garry's blog posts. I just censored this entry, as Garry got a little carried away in his fury. Note that this is not the original. Imagine it a lot worse.

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Marilyn said...

Too bad Air Canada could not beef up its customer service at times such as this. I was on hold from 10:30 pm until 3 am Pacific Time waiting for an agent to help me rebook your flights. It made me wonder if perhaps nobody answers the phones until 6 am Eastern Time! I notice that the flight from Vancouver to Toronto was delayed 45 minutes because the crew did not show up on time - not enough time for you to make the Toronto to New York connection. My only hope for you is that the connecting flight was late - a very distinct possibility, given that it was an Air Canada flight!! Let's hope we all can laugh about it when we are no longer operating under sleep deprivation. It has been (and possibly continues to be) an adventure of sorts ....