August 12, 2009

Gate B11

So here we are, sitting in the Seattle international airport, leeching wi-fi off the executive lounge separated from us by a big steel door. Too bad they never configured a security key. Aw yeah. Our flight from Victoria was relatively painless -- Giordana attributes it to the breakfast with family, I attribute it to the fact that we're not flying Air Canada. Both claims are correct.

I'll be making an attempt to maintain this blog again this year. I know it's sort of a blogger cliche to claim that, but hey, I'll stand by it. We'll be arriving at our apartment around midnight Eastern time, probably without any real connection to the Internet. So Moms, Dads, don't expect a shout out from us until I can make my way to Madison Square park for the free wi-fi the next morning.

We cleared customs lickety-split, with the exception being of course that we needed to fill out another I-94. Of course! How could we have forgotten? So many people told us! I find often that I need to reinforce sarcasm on the Internet with a disclaimer: "That bit about the I-94 was sarcastic. No-one told us a damned thing." I don't think either of us are very much looking forward to the six hour long flight, with a very low-possibility of having those cool movie-touch screen things. Giordana has made it very clear that she will be infuriated if they try to make her pay for a movie again, but she may even make the sacrifice.

I feel much more secure this trip. I've lived in New York before, I've actually seen my future apartment, and I know a handful of people sprawled around the city. It was hard to wave goodbye, but it was comforting to know that this school year is split much more evenly, and Christmas is only a few months away. Who knows what the school year will bring? I am already beginning to prepare my Psyche for a voice and speech evaluation on the first day of classes. Just a heads up for anyone who wants to write to us: send me an email! The immediate family will be receiving an email once we get our cellphone numbers and all that jazz, but we really don't need to be related to you to love your care packages.

Sorry I have no pictures to really show you. We have pictures of our summer, but I figure that's a little counter productive.

Looking forward,

P.S. Al and Nancy: Thanks for the help! Oh, Giordana already finished the book. The Tavern was the St. Fraunces Tavern, where we had our Thanksgiving dinner. It's a really cool place with more history than most places in the city. Also, the dish towels are always, ALWAYS welcome. We generally avoid paper towels for environmental and, let's face it, economical reasons, so the washcloths pick up the slack. Hurrah for frugality.

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