August 15, 2009

We're in!

Ladies and Gentiles: we made it. We are currently residing in East Harlem, on 123rd St. First thing we noticed: Our apartment is amazing. Second thing we noticed: It is way too hot and muggy here. Why, New York? Why must you be so uncomfortable? Giordana and I quickly filmed a short walk around the pad. As you probably gather from the grotesque grovelling noises I make in it, I love the kitchen. It's big and happy, and allows me to do wonderful things.
The neighbourhood is interesting, to say the least. Today, while going to Radioshack, I had a french fry thrown at me by a large woman who I did not hear attempt to attract my attention. Culture shock? I think so. That is not to say it's more dangerous than our old place. I would argue that the fact that the streets are constantly crowded provides a less 'sketchy' environment in which to travel.
Our local grocery store is a two minute walk away, and is an actual, for real, grocery store. It is open 24 hours a day, and filled with everything I could possibly need. It is perfect. Well, it's no Costco, but it gets the job done.
Our first of two roommates has moved in, which makes the apartment seem a lot more friendly, as opposed to a gaping white canvas. There is still an empty room, which is kind of sad. Giordana and I are anxious to have that filled. Hurry up John, and don't forget your N64 controllers.

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